Go on safari with African Darter

We organise safaris at all national parks in Tanzania, especially in Northern part of the country. Do you want a wildlife safari at one of our National Parks? Or a cultural safari and visit our famous tribes? Do you want to do adventurous camping or luxery lodging? Do you want to climb the Kilimanjaro, or wash of the dust from your safari with a dip in the Indian Ocean?

If you go on a safari with African Darter, you won't have to share the car with any other people besides your own friends or family. Because that is our specialty, private safaris. We will take the time to get to know you (by email or phone) and design a tailor made itinerary for you. We try to make sure that you get exactly the safari you want. And we take the time to answer your questions. We can also give you a lot of other travel information and safari tips.

If you go on safari with African Darter, this is what your experience could be like…
Your day begins early, with a steaming cup of tea or hot coffee as you marvel at the sunrise and the racket of the birds.

In the chill of dawn you venture out on a morning walk – you might spot a herd of buffaloes in the distance, or perhaps a hyena warming up in the fist rays of the sun. As the morning progresses and the air warms up, you make halt underneath a big acacia tree for breakfast.

Once the heat becomes too oppressive you return to camp for light lunch and a rest. Enjoy a drink and the view - simply kick back and relax for a few hours.

As the air cools down a bit, the animals come out of their hiding places – observe the wildlife spectacle as you go on an afternoon game drive.

Just before dusk you retire to camp for the night, ending the day with a cool drink and fine dinner.

It is a dedicated team of enthousiastic people who feel a passion for the land and who want to share it with you.

We are very serious about our safaris. All are staff members are experienced and qualified wildlife guides. They have a lot of knowledge and they know the areas like the back of their hands.