Prices & Quality


It is difficult to put a price on our safaris. It depends on so many factors. Where do you want to go? Which season? What kind of accomodation? With how many people do you wish to travel? See, many factors!! Even if you choose to do your safari relatively low budget, it will probably cost a lot more than your average holiday.
But a safari in Tanzania..... it is really worth it!


As already mentioned, we only organise privat safaris. And ofcourse, a lot of the quality depends on the people who take you on safari. Our team here at African Darter is very dedicated – we try our hardest to make sure that your safari matches your expectations. We love our jobs, we love the bush, and we love taking you out there.

A good guide is a crucial aspect of a safari! All our staff are qualified wildlife guides, speak English and know the areas they will take you as the back of their hands. They will answer your questions and give you information about the animals, enviroment, plants, history and the culture. Our drivers are experienced and our cook is famous for his delicious continental meals.

Our vehicles are comfortable and well maintained. Good suspension, all the necessary equipment - these cars will get you through muddy patches and over rough roads. And we take care that our accomodations are nice and comfortable places, so you can rest and clean yourself after a day out in the wild.

It is a dedicated team of enthousiastic people who feel a passion for the land and who want to share it with you.

We are very serious about our safaris. All are staff members are experienced and qualified wildlife guides. They have a lot of knowledge and they know the areas like the back of their hands.