Ecotourism with African Darter Safari

African Darter Safari promotes the principles of ecotourism locally in Tanzania and with all its clients. We seek to provide low-impact, environmentally friendly safaris that do not disturb the flora and fauna that Tanzania offers.

Tanzania is a leader in ecotourism as it has allocated over 25% of its land for land and wildlife conservation.

African Darter Safari supports this type of conservation and innovative ways to protect our environment. In keeping with ecotourism principles, our guides teach travelers how to minimize their impact and create environmental awareness and respect while on safari.

We provide insights into building cultural awareness and respect for the many different cultures not only in Tanzania, but all of Africa.

African Darter Safari goes a step further, promoting the empowerment of Tanzanian youth with its scholarship fund, helping provide secondary education to the children of Tanzania. Our guides are all natives to Tanzania as well, and seek to raise awareness about all issues in Tanzania.

It is a dedicated team of enthousiastic people who feel a passion for the land and who want to share it with you.

We are very serious about our safaris. All are staff members are experienced and qualified wildlife guides. They have a lot of knowledge and they know the areas like the back of their hands.